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Year: 1973



Stock # NE-1973-31

A very nice example......no rust, rust free floors, excellent bright red paint, very good mostly redone interior, new top, very good chrome, and.....

Excellent mechanicals: 145-150 psi compression, 65-70 psi oil pressure when warm, no smoke cold or hot, perfect working overdrive transmission (offers low revs at highway speeds and being that it works on 3rd and 4th gears, offers six different ratios), MG Rostyle wheels with new radials, rebuilt brakes and front end, new stainless steel exhaust, oil cooler, rebuilt SU carbs, everything works properly, all in all, doesn't miss a beat. And on the day we acquired the car, had a wonderful drive (at 65-80 mph) for near 50 miles and STILL with 70 psi oil pressure, heater working properly, didn''t miss a beat.

1972-1974s have always been among my favorites in an MGB. Sufficiently old to still have twin SU carbs and chrome bumpers BUT sufficiently new to have a very nice dash (with face level air vents ideal for an a/c installation) and more modern safety equipment, dual master cylinder, on and on.

For cold weather use, we offer a powerful auxiliary heater which ties into the car's cooling system and provides heat somewhat comparable to a modern car. Have tried these units in my own two MGBs and found them comfortable even down to 15 degrees. Opened up a new dimension on classic car usage....all year 'round.

With beautiful paint and interior, overdrive, oil cooler, new tires, new top......this is a wonderful example of a stylish near fifty year old classic sports car. AND........what a perfect means of practicing social distancing.....the proverbial long drive in the countryside.

(and for improvements, we can dye the interior in camel, convert to wire wheels, install a new wood dash, modern stereo, etc.)

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