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Year: 1974

Triumph TR6


Stock # NE-1974-56

A rare find with an interesting history....in Reno Nevada until 2013, to Mass where it saw only 1,000 miles....we have the original Nevada title showing 32k miles in 1990, 34k miles in 2013 when titled in MA, 35,000 miles now AND the MA title reads 'actual' miles. Yes, it really has only covered 35k miles since new.

And underneath, no rust, no repairs, no undercoating (the cheap and easy way to hide rust), just about pristine.

As for the rest, excellent body, seems to have been repainted once (excellent chance of sun fade in Nevada), paint is quite good as is the tan interior, has a new top, full tonneau and boot cover, a working stereo, new Panasport alloy wheels with 205/70 Pirelli Z rated (165 mph) tires, twin Webers, and in the course of a test drive, no real universal clunks, clutch and brakes worked well, far faster than a stock twin Stromberg carbed TR6, wood dash isn't cracked now is the dash top or dash surround vinyl, trunk and engine bay are very clean, this is a beautiful TR6.

Funny thing about this, I personally prefer MGBs BUT when I have the opportunity to drive a tight, rattle and clunk free TR6, one with Webers for added oomph, I think 'hmmm, maybe my opinions are wrong. This is ONE really nice car.'

And it is.

SO, now what? Lots of choices....I think the chocolate brown with tan interior is a stunning combination (maybe 'cause I have had so many red and BRG sports cars and something different seems appealing) OR..........use your imagination....we can repaint this car in ANY color, including engine bay, under hood and trunk, door jambs, etc. Want BRG? Perfect with the tan interior. How about a deep maroon? Red? Or even black. I guess the point of all of this is that WHATEVER color, STILL has covered only 35k miles new new, rust free, beautiful interior, Panasports, expensive tires, and the twin Webers. Food for thought?

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