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Year: 1974



Stock # NE-1974-59


Just in..........

Unloaded from the trailer, went for a drive.....zero smoke cold or hot, 65-70 psi oil pressure at operating temperature, all gauges worked, and when I put my right foot down, MUCH faster than what I would consider an otherwise 'stock' MGB.

So, when I got back to the shop, pulled the plugs and found 185 psi compression exactly in every cylinder. NOT a stock engine......don't know what was done but compression figure such as these indicate 'work' has been done. Higher compression pistons maybe? Whatever was done, the results are impressive.

As for 'the drive,' excellent brakes and braking, no rattles, clutch and gearbox worked very well, excellent directional stability, shocks felt very good, on and on.

So I did the obvious.....read the last owner's list of work he or the previous owner did: new alloy radiator, new oil cooler and oil lines, new soft top, full tonneau, wire wheels cleaned and painted, new tires and tubes, engine recently removed, a new clutch assembly fitted, new clutch slave, new transmission front seal and front cover gasket, new calipers and rotors, repacked wheel bearings (yes this list is rather lengthy), new subframe mountng pads, new upper and lower control arm bushings, checked and reshimed steering rack, new engine and transmission mounts, new fuel tank, new drive shaft, new radiator hoses and clamps, all fluids changed, and LOTS AND LOTS of little things.

AND (yes there is more) modern stereo, all working instruments, very clean/solid chassis and inner sills, very good body and older (but nice) bright red paint, new carpets, seats are excellent as is the rest of the interior, very good original chrome, NEW WIRING HARNESS (a time consuming and expensive installation but nothing ensures long term reliability more than new wiring.

A lot of MGB for the money. Starts instantly, runs perfectly, doesn't seem to have any distinctive faults, and (as this list began) unusually quick. We can provide a hardtop, install a/c or a powerful supplemental heater, lots of lots of ways of making these classic sports cars FAR better then when brand new.

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