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Year: 1974



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Stock # NE-1974-60

Another in a looong series of `hybrid` English cars we find. A 2,100 pound MGB with a 250+ hp engine. Or, as they say, `do the math` in power to weight ratio. ONE FAST sports car.

Engine: 1963 all alloy Olds V8, bored .040 over, stroked with a Buick 300 Crank, Chevy 2.8 pistons, Crower 50232 cam, Edelbrock 500cfm 4 bbl carb, RV8 style headers, Thrush turbo mufflers, Monza twin tip resonators. Not being a hot rodder, have only a vague idea of the sum total of all of this work (this info supplied by last owner) but it certainly sounds well prepared.

And the rest of the drivetrain....1989 WC T5 close ratio 5 speed transmission with 5th gear changed to a .6:1 radio for easy highway cruising (is turning a mere 2700 rpm at 80 mph), 1978 Jeep Dana 44 rear axle , 3.73 (a stock MGB is 3.9....and 3.73 multiplied by .6 gives an overall ratio of around 2.0 final drive) with a limited slip differential)

Brakes are state of the art Wilwood 4 piston calipers with rear disc brakes with vented rotors. And the rest (and yes, there IS more)....power windows, Datsun 240Z gauges (160 mph speedo), wood dash, OEM V8 radiator, rear traction bars, special GT rally front coil springs, hardtop, rear tube shocks, GT rally rear springs, Konig 15X7` Minilite style alloy wheels, 205/60 radials, redone leather seats, EVEN has power door locks.

Power door locks? Geez.........

Okay, I concede the point, not an MGB for everyone. BUT if combining an MGB with a double A fuel dragster and who knows what else is your cup of tea, there aren`t too many other MGBs like this (I suspect). Just in and praying not getting a speeding ticket while out enjoying this weird and wonderful car.

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