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Year: 1974



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Stock # NE-1974-62

(NOTE: having enjoyed the sunroof in my own 1974, and finding it completely changes the use of the car in warm weather, have just had an identical sunroof installed in this car. For convenience sake, am leaving the photos we took of the car `before` and have now included `after` with sunroof and wind deflector installed. And note, we got a fairly close match of color in this custom made sunroof. For my own car, I find that on even on a 90 degree day, with sunroof open and windows down, it is not all that different than driving my B roadster. And certainly no disadvantage in cold weather. Oh, and no, it DOES NOT leak in heavy rain!!!!!!)

A beautifully maintained BGT.......excellent body with low key show quality maroon paint, mostly new interior (with cloth seats with red piping), excellent floor/chassis, no holes, no repairs, IF I had to guess, could very well be one of those cars originally purchased as a second or third car and properly garaged and babied since new

155-160 psi compression in every cylinder, 65-70 psi oil pressure, no smoke, engine runs beautifully, AND the car has the very desirable overdrive transmission. Take it up to 65-70 mph, click in the overdrive and watch the revs drop. Smooth, quiet, and wonderful for highway use.

Has a new set of Minilite style alloy wheels (or we can convert to wire wheels), has an oil cooler, Weber 32/36 DGV carb with tubular headers, a very nice heat shield for the carb, wiring looks to be in very good condition, overall a wonderful classic GT that, in its day (in England) was known as `the poor man`s Aston Martin.

Think of the alternatives for a nice, classic GT car. Alfa? Gosh, a really good GTV would be double the price. An E Type....triple of more? GT6s are small and cramped, Porsches are part of another discussion (as are Astons), not a lot of choices.

All things I consider when I purchased my last MGBGT a few years ago. And after owning four others, over the years, approached it from a different direction. Last one I owned we fitted with a/c. And never used it `cause on a really hot day, could find something else to drive. So on my current car, fitted a full roof fabric sunroof and a powerful supplemental heater under the glove box. All of which makes my car a delight on all but the hottest days and comfy cozy in temperatures down to 15 degrees. For me, a car that truly can duplicate the function and use of a contemporary car. AND THOSE cars simply don`t have the style the BGT has.

OR as simple to own and repair. AND if you take a preemptive attack on the inherent weaknesses of a near fifty year old car, adding (all work we do) electronic ignition (no tune ups), powerful radiator electric cooling fan (runs cool in very hot weather), a back up fuel pump (nothing better than redundancy), and various other `tricks` to bring these cars happily into the 21st century, your wind up with a surprisingly versatile classic car.

And when done, sunroof, powerful heater, overdrive, accessories, one of most versatile classics I have ever owned. And worth every penny of the investment.

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