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Year: 1975

Mallock Mk 15 sports/racer


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Stock # NE-1975-14

Years ago, I purchased a Mallock sports/racer. Over the next twenty five seasons, found it to be my ideal historic racer. Not expensive to purchase, prepare, and repair, always got wonderful advice from Richard Mallock at the factory in England, could race against most anything (years ago, was in a ten lap (24+ miles) race at Tremblant in Quebec, finished on the same lap as the track owner in a Ferrari 512M LeMans car, seconds behind a McLaren Mk I and a Chevron 16, and ahead of a Lola T70.....my little 1600cc car racing with V12 Ferrari and mid engines V8 sports/racers!),and it was sufficiently light that I could push it myself (back on the trailer).

So, when a second Mallock appeared in my orbit, I acquired it too. And then a third. A lot of fun owning a fleet of these neat little cars.

Well, after twenty five seasons, sold my original Mk XIB to a racing friend in Canada. And sold the third one to my racing friend Neil in Connecticut. And the second one is still in my barn, soon to be raced by my son at Lime Rock.

But back to the 'third.' Which has just come back into my hands and is now offered for sale. One of three Mk 15s built (Richard Mallock knew of one, now he knows of two). Basically the same as my Mk XIB but with a more sophisticated DeDion rear suspension. And having raced with Neil for many years, am well aware of its performance.

First of all, the car. A layout very similar to a Lotus Super 7 but, perhaps, one on steroids. But never designed to be a road car, doesn't suffer the compromises of a Seven. Tubular chassis, aluminum body, fiberglass fenders (fronts turn with the front suspension) and nose, this car has a potent 1700cc Cosworth crossflow engine, ported and polished race prepared big valve head, racing pistons, 12:1 compression ratio, balanced, high lift race camshaft, nitrided crankshaft, twin 45 DCOE Webers, racing headers, dry sump lubrication, electronic ignition, guessing around 170hp (through this DeDion Mallock cold keep up with my car in the corners, I was a little bit faster down the straights with my 192hp (on a dyno) engine.

Needless to say, it flies.............with four wheel AP racing disc brakes, braking is awesome and with fairly new intermediate Avons on 9" front and 11" rear modular wheels, handling is sensational. As I remember when racing at tracks such as Tremblant, the Glen, and Summit Point, always sensed I could out corner and out brake everyone I ever raced against.

Car has an on board fire system, oil cooler, Aeroquip lines with pressure fittings, a 3.77 Elan differential with Sprint couplings, adjustable Spax shocks, fully adjustable suspension, and a VRG log book.

While certainly competitive with a Formula Ford (a few years ago, Neil finished 2nd in a FF race at Thompson), can race with most any sports/racer or production car, the rarity of ANY Mallock is such that it can run in most any class. In my own car, once raced with 600hp NASCAR sedans, super fast Shelby Mustangs, the fastest 911 Porsches and finished 3rd.

All for less than the cost of a decently prepared race MGB.

The car is in our warehouse, should be ready to race (with perhaps a cleaning, new oil, and checking nuts and bolts and tire pressures), and I presume the next owner will have as much fun as my friend Neil had.

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