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Year: 1978

Fiat 124 Spider


Stock # NE-1978-18


Just in.........very nice example, 59,000 original miles, a nice deep blue (a few small 'spots' but certainly fine the way it is), excellent floors (crawled underneath, no sign of holes or patches, just original factory undercoating....I suspect this car has lived a charmed life), fairly new convertible top, very good boot cover, runs great.....took it up near 6,000 rpm in all but fifth gear, zero smoke, strong performance, quiet valves, excellent shifting, excellent ride, handling, brakes, and super comfortable. And while this is entirely subjective, it felt faster than most Fiats I have driven.

Things told to us by last owner: engine rebuilt not that long ago, carb rebuilt, four new shocks, brakes done, and the rest seems very good based on our tests.

Photos tell the rest....clean engine bay, could use a carpet in the trunk but otherwise very nice, all gauges work, same with wipers, heater, lights, etc. Quiet exhaust, pretty close to spotless interior, same with wood dash.

Also has an expensive set of GB (English made) alloy wheels with fairly new 175/70 radials. All in all, a very nice example.

What would I do if I was buying it? I would junk the cassette/radio and install a new stereo/CD with USB input and Bluetooth, I would paint the alloy wheels in silver, add small items such as a trickle charger, a battery switch, not much else. A wonderful fair weather car, plus when I had my last 124, used it all year round. Top fits very well, seals up nicely, and up and down in a second. Even has a small back seat and yes, we can install seat belts for two kids. And can add a luggage rack for golf bag or the proceeds from a tag sale.

These were the most sophisticated cars of their class in the era in which they were built. Double over head cam engine, two barrel progressive carb, 5 speed, power assist four wheel disc brakes, reasonably sophisticated rear suspension, comfortable, easy to service, parts are widely available and generally quite inexpensive. A cross between the simple sports cars of the 50s, 60s, and 70s, and the heavy, complex cars of today.

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