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Year: 1978



Stock # NE-1978-30


The best original MGB we have ever had? Dunno. Could be. But like all of the late model Bs that pass through our hands, NOW GREATLY improved.

We started with a pristine perfect example. 25,000 original miles since new, perfect ORIGINAL medium blue paint on flawless body/chassis. Mint perfect interior in tannish/brown. And why not? Originally sold in Florida and babied and garaged, driven North to Pa in 2007, engine removed, new clutch fitted, and an overdrive gearbox. And overdrive clicks in and out instantly. And overdrive really makes these cars sing on the highway.

Engine bay is spotless as is wiring, has been greatly improved with twin SU carbs (a substantial increase in performance). And a new top. Truth is, it is as perfect an original B as we have ever seen. Only flaws are tiny....ugly and ill handling (I would have added 'gutless' but the twin SUs have corrected that issue nicely).

So, what have we done? First, removed the ugly rubber bumpers, added new front lights, new rear sheet metal, removed the side lights, filled in the holes with welded sheet metal, matched and painted the four corners, and than performed a professional chrome bumper conversion. All new chrome, new Mk I grille, the perfect 'gift' to such an excellent example.

THEN....lowered the car to pre 1975 ride height, converted to wire wheels with all new splined hubs, hardware, and chrome knock offs, we installed a set of BRAND NEW wire wheels with new high performance radial tires (and unlike 95% of the wire wheeled cars in the world, these new/modern wheels do not need inner tubes), fitted a beautiful burled wood dash, a new premium wood steering wheel, a modern digital 'retro' stereo that looks like a classic AM unit, carpeted the trunk..............as perfect an original ex-chrome bumper MGB as we have ever seen.

And there is more........car comes with its original invoice and window sticker. Great to display at a car show.

And remember, these late model MGBs came with electronic ignition, larger radiators, thermostatically controlled electric radiator fans (and this car has been upgraded to a modern high output shrouded fan), servo assist disc brakes, front and rear away bars, bigger and better gauges, even a clock. Wow, can it be?

What you might remember or think about a classic MGB, such as this, the last MGs were far improved over the 1960s and mid 1970s cars. In every way, this car is the best MGB NEVER sold in the USA. The exterior is almost identical to a beautiful mid 1960s car yet the drive train, cooling and electrical systems, brakes, and overall reliability are far superior. All in all, a car that can be used as an alternative to a contemporary car. And for Winter, we can offer a powerful auxiliary heater fitted under the glove box, for hot weather we can fit air conditioning............WHOOPS............as a Florida car, it already has a modern a/c system, nicely integrated into the dash (almost forgot to mention that option) and it works, and we can add a luggage rack, even a hardtop.

Its a great car. And in our showroom for sale. With nearly every conceivable option one might want....new wire wheels, overdrive, a/c, new top, tonneau, modern stereo, on and on and on. Not easily duplicated.

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