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Year: 1979

VW Super Beetle Convertible


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Stock # NE-1979-44

Have owned this car for at least 12 years, garaged every single day, its been a true joy, flawless reliability, wonderful performance, and a perfectly roomy car to take to Home Depot for most anything I have ever needed.

Purchased it in Florida, floors were great as was is the body and paint....a bit deeper in color than shown in the photos (taken on a very bright day). its 1600cc Fuel Injected engine offers easy 75-80 mph cruising (and above that, isn`t it a bit academic?). Sufficient power to keep up with almost all traffic.

Dunno if its a matter of hydraulic lifters or just tight valve clearance but the engine is very quiet and surprisingly refined. Doesn't sound like a knitting machine. And the 4 speed transmission works perfectly.

Brakes work well, has a new clutch, can sit for a year and still start on the first click (let me explain: it WAS sitting in my garage for a year and when I just decided to sell it, my son went to the garage, turned the key, and it started instantly!!!), has a modern stereo, an onboard trickle charger, USB output under the dash, I had my guys install electronic ignition, top was new when I purchased it (and still excellent, love the matching boot cover and the tan interior, has a/c but the compressor was removed....but it still retains the bulk of the a/c equipment, not a lot to add.

A wonderful classic four seater convertible that in some ways (ignition, for example) is better than the day it left the factory. As a `Super Beetle` has a superior front suspension and larger trunk, and with fuel injection, never ceases to run flawlessly. And with 50,000 plus original miles, should be able to offer MANY years of reliable and fun service.

(oh, and my nickname is `my 50hp Porsche`)

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