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Year: 1979



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Stock # NE-1979-46

One of those rare `finds` we try our best to....find. A really outstanding late model MGB that was probably purchased, from new, as a second or third car. And well maintained throughout its life.

Excellent body and deep maroon paint. Excellent underneath, chassis/floors, inner sills, battery box, all probably as clean as when new. Mostly updated interior with very expensive, English made aftermarket seats. Modern stereo and wood steering wheel.

The car came with receipt of over $6,000 in improvements, engine done, front end, brakes, clearly maintained by a loving owner. Has an excellent wiring harness, new radiator, close to spotless engine bay.

And a lot of additional work done (mostly by us): 32/36 DGV Weber carb, tubular headers, a complete professional chrome bumper conversion, side lights eliminated, new Mk I grille, lowered to pre 1975 ride height, new Minilite style light alloy wheels, and the result: as quick as an early MGB, exterior aesthetics very close to the earliest and best looking MGB. A wonderful combination of the beat of the early cars with all of the advantages of the later cars (front and rear sway bars, power assist disc brakes, bigger radiator with electric cooling fans, better engine mounting, extensive factory rust proofing, bigger and more reliable gauges, better electrics, more fuses, more efficient heater, on and on). And now, with the improvements we have added, the best MGB never sold in the USA.

What is of particular interest is the history of MGBs....when sold during the mid sixties, MGBs were probably the best small sports car available. Bought by young enthusiasts for cruising around campus, heading to the local drive in, maybe even sticking in a roll bar and going SCCA racing.

But due to ever tightening DOT and EPA regulations, these cars were, in many ways, a mere shadow of their former glory....ugly, overweight, under powered, ungainly and ill handling. Bad then, good now `cause sales were still quite healthy in the late 1970s, clearly going to a different market. Older drivers who could baby the car from brand new, afford proper servicing, keeping it garaged, and only occasional use. ALL of which provides a beautiful car (once we have added our improvements) now well into the 21st century.

These cars have great steering and handling, sure braking, quick steering, and even pretty good straight line performance. Plus the ability to cruise at 75 or 80 mph (or more).....and aren`t speeds above those kind of academic? Best of all, being in a small, 2,100 pound open sports car, one doesn`t have to go any faster to have fun. Which is exactly what this car offers.

Want us to change this car? Like dying the interior in Camel, installing a burled wood dashboard, converted to wire wheels? All things we can offer. But either way, an incredibly well preserved 43 year old car ideal for contemporary fun driving.

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