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Year: 1979

MG B roadster


Financing available⤵

Stock # NE-1979-47


A beautiful, very well maintained, absolutely rust free late model MGB.

Excellent body and deep maroon paint, new expensive (near $3,000 for the pair) reclining seats, new carpets and interior panels, new top, boot cover, 86,000 original miles (around 2,000 miles a year since new), spotless trunk, unusually clean engine bay, literally a 'mirror image' in the paint, and now with a complete, professional chrome bumper conversion, all new chrome.

Excellent engine, 145-150 psi compression in every cylinder, no smoke cold or hot, and 75 psi oil pressure when warm. All much like when the car was new. Excellent clutch and transmission, excellent steering, has new springs, 'tight' front end, excellent brakes, excellent ride, all of which feels much like a new car.

New convertible top, boot cover, new Minilite style light alloy wheels with 185/70 radials, new wood steering wheel, new alternator, new clutch master cylinder, even the interior light works. Also has a luggage rack, original jack, and new padding under the hood.

It starts instantly, runs flawlessly, is much faster than a stock MGB, gearbox shifts effortless, ride is soft yet controlled. Really a joy to drive.

And, of course, we can option the car to fit a buyer's preferences. We can add a powerful heater for cold weather use.....heat comparable to a contemporary car (I know, have one in both of my own MGBs and it is comfortable/cozy even in 20 degree weather, we can add a powerful modern a/c unit for hot weather environements, can dye the interior in tan or Camel, we can convert to wire wheels, install a modern digital radio with bluetooth (and a classic look with knobs), add driving lights, most anything.

When done, a classic 43 year old sports car with contemporary use. Combining the beautiful aesthetics of the earliest MGB with the sophistication and improvements of a later car (items which include front and rear sway bars, power assist disc brakes, a larger radiator, thermostatically controlled radiator cooling fans, better electrics,, stronger gearbox and back axle, thorough factory rust proofing, and modern safety equipment. In reality, the best MGB NEVER sold in the USA.

One last item....note no radio and the original factory radio blank. A clear sign this car was never owned by a 'kid.' Rather, a more mature owner who possibily found this car FAR more fun than his Lincoln or Cadillac and just drove it to the country club or out to dinner Always garaged, properly serviced and babied. Just the way this car is detined to be kept in the future.

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