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Year: 1979

MG B roadster


Financing available⤵

Stock # NE-1979-49

Note: something didn't work out well when we posted this car as to color....look at item 1975-13, a green 1975 MGB, for a FAR better representation of this car's actual color)

An excellent starting point which we 'finished' to a fairly high level.

Excellent rust free body, chassis, floors, sills, rockers. New dark MGB green. A complete professional chrome bumper conversion.....new Mk I grille, new chrome bumpers, new brackets, lights, sheet metal, etc. We even eliminated the side lights, fitted new corner metal panels, and blended it to provide the exterior aesthetics of the earliest (and best looking) MGBs.

Engine was rebuilt around 5,000 miles ago, 150-155 psi compression in every cylinder, 70-75 psi oil pressure when warm, no smoke cold or hot. We performed a substantial upgrade by tossing the EPA Mandated single Stromberg carb and incredibly inefficient manifolds, replacing with a set of chromed tubular headers, a new aluminum intake manifold and a new 32/36 DGV Weber carb with electric choke. Making cold morning starting effortless.

New tan top, boot cover, Limited Edition light alloy wheels with new H rated 165 radials. We lowered the car to the pre 1975 ride height and replaced the front springs and rebuilt the front end. So, while later cars are the best of MGBs, they did have a few tiny flaws....gutless, ungainly looking, and ugly. Ah, but NOT this car.

To be candid, the later cars had lots of virtues: larger radiator, thermostatically controlled electric cooling fans, a more powerful heater, electronic ignition, stronger drive train, better wiring and electrics, more reliable instruments, better wipers, and more safety equipment. And now, with our modifications, in a sense, THE BEST MGB NEVER SOLD IN THE USA!

Now, on this car we added most every option we could imagine: back up solid state fuel pump, powerful auxiliary heater (have one on both of my own MGs and find the result is temperature comfort even on a 20 degree day), override for the radiator fan thermostat, on board trickle charger, racing battery switch, remote jumper terminals, 12v/USB output under dash, new digital stereo with Bluetooth, new wood steering wheel ($500), new luggage rack ($300), and the dash and console disassembled and dyed to match the Camel interior (a lot of work) and fitted with a wood grained dashboard. We even added a modern fuse box using modern press in fuses to add to the reliability.

It starts instantly, runs flawlessly, excellent throttle response and quick acceleration, excellent handling (assisted by the front and rear sway bars as only fitted to late model MGBs), excellent brakes (with power assisted disc brakes), slick smooth 4 speed transmission, and an unusually comfortable ride.
For occasional or daily use.

1960s MGBs might well have gone to a young fella in college who could possibly have fitted a roll bar and gone SCCA racing. Left it out in front of his college dorm with occasional visits to his girlfriend in Ohio. Cars were very attractive, plenty of power, and 'tight' with a unibody construction. But with minimal anti rust protection, hard use by a heavy footed kid, by the 2,000s, you frequently had rusted, patched, poorly serviced cars.

So, now, in the late 1970s, certainly not the performance car of the 60s and, of course, ugly, gutless and ungainly. YET sales were going up. How could this be?

Even with the limitations of EPA and DOT restrictions (which tightened every year), these cars were now often going to older buyers who just wanted something more fun than their Lincoln or Cadillac. For the occasional drive to the country club or restaurant. Usually garaged, properly serviced, and babied....from brand new.

(from a voice above.....) But Henry, your car is UGLY (no, its cute and low and sleek) but Henry, your car is gutless (no, I step on the gas ti accelerates to 60 mph nicely), but Henry, your car is ungainly (hey, it turns on a dime and feels great around corners). Clearly 'Henry' doesn't know much about cars (and little chance of seeing him in a Lotus Super 7) but his lovely 1979 MGB is reliable, fun to drive, and his golfer friends smile when he pulls up to the pro shop at the golf course. Next to their Cadillacs.

And now, all of the virtues of the early cars and none of the vices of the later cars. AND with most every option we could imagine.

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