Year: 1980



Stock # NE-1980-36

Currently with 74,000 miles, engine rebuilt at 71,000 miles....starts instantly (assisted by a new Weber carb with electric choke), improved manifolds, desmogged, runs perfectly. And especially nice with an overdrive gearbox. Giving five forward gears.

Excellent body, chassis, sills, rockers, with lovely deep red paint. We have performed a comprehensive, professional chrome bumper conversion even to the point of eliminating the side lights, and with its new Mk I grille, is almost aesthetically identical to the earliest and best looking MGBs...the 1963-1967 cars.

Excellent tan interior, burled wood dash, new wood steering wheel, modern stereo, we have lowered the car to the pre 1975 ride height, new shocks, new bushings, new springs, all painted and detailed.

Top is new, trunk carpeted, 14" center lock wire wheels, new Bosch alternator, excellent original wiring and electrics, large (and very efficient) radiator electric cooling fan, a really nice, well prepated MGB and ideal for seasonal fun driving. And, of course, for a hot weather environment, we can fit a modern a/c unit and for cold weather driving, a powerful supplemental heater which offers warmth and comfort comparable to a modern car.

With its power disc brakes, front and rear sway bars, larger radiator, superior electrics, bigger gauges, better ride, these late model MGBs were the best of the best. Other than being (as they left the factory) ugly, gutless, and ill handling But not this one. Ample performance, beautiful inside and out, superb steering and handling, will easily cruise all day at 85-90 mph, truly contemporary performance and use.

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