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Year: 1980

Caterham Super 7


Stock # NE-1980-41


A car I have personally owned and enjoyed for some time.........with an interesting history.

From what I learned from the last owner, was in storage for many years, when he purchased the car it had 942 kilometers (European spec) which works out to be 580 miles. And the title validates this with the word `actual.`

He then proceeded to perform a complete restoration.........virtually every original part was untouched, undamaged, and in excellent condition. The 135hp 1700cc engine had/has perfect leak down, compression and oil pressure. And zero smoke on start up or when hot. He fitted new 40 DCOE Weber carbs, tubular headers, a rebuilt Ford T9 five speed transmission, tubular frame and aluminum body are virtually like new. As are seats, top, tonneau, dash, wiring, electrics, fiberglass body panels, on and on.

Brakes were redone, shocks with adjustable ride height perches, new Minilite wheels, an alloy radiator with thermostatically controlled electric cooling fan, even (and this is incredible) a working fuel gauge. Has an oil cooler with Aeroquip braided steel lines, dual master cylinder, aluminum oil and coolant catch bottles, and cable operated clutch. And new three point belts.

When I purchased this 7, was literally `like new.` And between his use and mine, now, 5,600 km (under 3,500 miles).

In use, was caught in traffic on a 98 degree day, ran cool with only the slightest upward movement of the temp gauge`s needle. Always runs at a factory perfect 60 psi psi oil pressure. The engine pulls strongly, one can feel the cam really come in at 5,000 rpm, wonderful to shift through the five gears, every electrical item works (turn signals, horn, wipers, hi-lo beams, all exterior and gauge lights, etc.)

Needless to say, braking, acceleration, steering, and handling are first rate and feel like driving a Formula Junior. But, ON THE ROAD.

As my own car, have done a lot of little details to personalize it. Better dash switches, wind wings, better side mirrors and brackets, painted the fenders and nose in Lotus colors, and for fun, fitted Lotus emblems on the nose, steering wheel, shift knob, and even a Lotus ID plate in addition to the correct, original Caterham plate (sort of hidden).

Most Caterhams I have seen, owned, or sold are basically `boy racers` for the road. And what I liked about this car was the narrower rear fenders, front cycle fenders than turn with the wheels, narrow tires, and (for a Super 7) a higher degree of civility. Basically, a wonderful road sports car, fun to drive, strong performance, light steering, and very good ride and driving characteristics.

Starts instantly, runs flawlessly, in many ways the ultimate fun road car. And, from my perspective, it isn`t how fast you go on the road, it is how fast you think you are going. And in this Super 7, ALL speed feel fast. (NOTE: this is my own car and resides in my barn.......can be shown most any time including evenings and weekends....but it is NOT in our showroom....if interested, call for an appointment)

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