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Year: 1980

MG B roadster Limited Edition


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Stock # NE-1980-42


One of the last of the MGB series built and imported to the USA. In some ways, the best of the breed. And in this car's particular case, the best Limited Edition B we have ever had...........

55,000 documented miles since new, virtually perfect floors/sills/rockers/chassis, again a virtually perfect body with what appears to be excellent original black paint.

Invoices for near $10,000 done less than 12,000 miles ago, all done by a very good local British classic car specialist. New tires on original LE wheels, new convertible top, modern stereo (with bluetooth) and speakers, excellent interior, dash, carpets, seats, panels, etc. Spotless engine bay and trunk, excellent original wiring harness, oil cooler, Weber carb with tubular headers, new wood steering wheel, AND with a dash and console disassembled and dyed to match the rest of the interior and fitted with a new burled wood dashboard. Beautiful.

AND the bumpers prepared and painted in matching gloss black which, in our eye, is far better than what was done at the factory. HUGE improvement.

Starts instantly, stays at 75 psi oil pressure, zero smoke, strong performance from the two barrel Weber carb and greatly improved intake and exhaust manifolds, excellent ride, no rattles, light precise steering, sure braking from the power assist disc brakes, a genuinely nice car to drive.

Sure, these later MGBs had their weak spots, rubber bumpers, single Stromberg carb, and with a one inch higher ride height. BUT on the other side of the coin: bigger radiator with thermostatic controlled electric cooling fans, electronic ignition, front and rear sway bars, stronger gearbox and back axle, far better wiring and electrical system, working clock, additional safety equipment, a factory supplied set of light alloy wheels, a far better car.

See, while the early MGBs were directed at the consumer who might be in college and dreamed of being (Sir) Stirling Moss, these later cars were directed at a different market....the older guy who LOVED these later (and far more reliable) cars, purchased as a second, third, or fourth car, always babied, garaged, properly maintained, not abused, and in this car's case, driven 55,000 miles in 43 years (around 1,300 miles a year). Even the vinyl dash top is not cracked or replaced as it seems to have been in 90% of the Bs we ever see).

AND if you prefer, before taking delivery, we can lower the car to pre 1975 ride height, perform a complete chrome bumper conversion, eliminate the side lights, whatever a buyer might want. We can even offer higher performance engine modifications, a 5 speed trans, rear disc brakes, air conditioning, a powerful supplemental heater, a wire wheel conversion, virtually anything. BUT whatever we might add, it is all starting with a strong, unibody, rattle free sports car with a style that still works nicely in the 21st century. Reliable,e easy to service and maintain, parts are widely available and at reasonable prices, and.....fun to drive.

To be candid, this late model car is ideal for the enthusiast who wants an unfussy classic sports car. Get in and drive. Electric choke, power disc brakes, ample acceleration, lots of items to enhance reliability (superior cooling, electric, and ignition systems). And by preparing the rubber bumpers with an anti crack solution and painting them gloss black, they seem to blend in quite nicely with the gloss black exterior paint. And IF objectionable, we can quickly convert the car to a proper grille and chrome bumpers.

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