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Year: 1992

Rover Mini 1300


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Stock # NE-1992-2

Have enjoyed driving this car since last year, now time for it to move on to its next owner.

I purchased if from a fellow in NY who told me it had been extensively rebuilt and restored. And even converted to left hand drive. Engine starts instantly, runs flawlessly, I did a compression test: 165-170 psi in every cylinder, quiet operation, no smoke cold or hot, doesn`t miss a beat. A 1300cc unit with single 1 1/2` SU carb. Mated to a four speed all synchromesh transmission.

Body and paint are excellent, no rust underneath, excellent subframes and battery box, Same with interior..close to `as new` and with comfy reclining seats, leather with cloth inserts. Best of all, a power (yes, hit a button and be marveled as the sunroof opens and closes) fabric sunroof making this car an absolute joy to use in hot weather.

Has 12` Minilite wheels with H rated165/60 radials, high gearing allowing easy 80+ mph cruising (and have seen 90 mph). And needless to say, handling and steering are incredible.

Has such `modern` refinements as disc brakes and a dual master cylinder for safety. Front inertia reel belts and rear 3 point belts. Fog lights, a modern stereo/CD, and seat brackets allowing the seats to be moved back further than original. Even controls for lights and horn on the steering column stalks.

I was told, in the course of the restoration, it received new factory floors, rockers, sills and viewing it from underneath, it IS in excellent condition. This is expensive work and clearly done by an owner who wanted a top quality car when finished.

Beautiful wood dash, all gauges and electrics work, in Winter the heater was more than adequate and in Summer with the sunroof open, truly a delight. Also, face level air vents

Exhaust was replaced, chrome and trim are all excellent, has new shocks, a factory shield to prevent water from hitting the distributor, electric cooling fan for the radiator (and has never run hot in 90 degree traffic). I added an on board trickle charger to maintain the battery when not in use, has never failed to start, and what else can I add?

Being wary of British electrics, I had my guys do a lot of rewiring and improvements....adding two large modern fuse blocks using push in plastic fuses. No better way of ensuring reliability that adding fuses (old Minis used just two fuses....one fails and so does half the car) and doing away with the old style British fuse blocks and glass fuses.....THIS WAS A LOT OF WORK but the result is that I have never had an electrical issue, never a blown fuse, and all electrics have been faultlessly reliable.

During the 70s and 80s, owned (and even raced) a number of original Cooper S cars. Fabulous and fun but clearly lacking in modern civility. ALWAYS buzzy on the highway, crude sliding windows, barely adequate heater, and incredibly uncomfortable seats. But not with this car..........zipping in and out of traffic, cruising along at 80 mph, lively acceleration, and the awesome handling make driving this rare LHD 1300cc Mini an absolute delight. (And yes, to satisfy my ego, acquired and fitted genuine `Mini Cooper` insignia)

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